The Positive Planner colourful, high-quality deck of 52 Positive Affirmation Cards will help you shift your mindset towards more positivity every week of the year.

Positive affirmations are very important to the Positive Planners. You'll find them in The Positive Planner as part of the Daily Intentions morning pages. They're a great way to gently introduce more positive self-talk, motivation and positivity into our lives. It can be difficult to think of the right affirmation for every day so these Positive Affirmation Cards are here to support and inspire you.

The cards can also be used as prompts for your daily writing and combine perfectly with the Positive Planner or the Positive Free Writing Journal. They’re also perfect for keeping on your desk for when you need a bit of a boost.

52 cards illustrating a positive affirmation to build confidence, work on your resilience and form a better connection with your inner self.

Pack Size: H14cm x W10cm x D3cm

The Positive Planner Affirmation Cards