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Deckchairs & Director's Chairs

Looking for some gorgeous new chairs for your garden or home this summer? Our fabulous deckchairs and director's chairs with colourful stripe fabric are back for 2024! Find out more here...

Bespoke Deckchairs - £135

Our made to order, high quality beech hardwood deckchairs are the perfect addition to your home or garden that can be used again and again! All you have to do is choose from a wide range of deckchair fabrics and we will do the rest! Each deckchair is £135 and shipping can be arranged on request. For more information and to see our wide range of fabric choices just pop into the shop or email us at

Bespoke Director's Chairs - From £85

Our pre-loved director's chairs are fully refurbished to bring them back to life with new

deckchair fabric covers! As with the deckchairs, you can choose from our wide range

of deckchair fabrics as well as choosing whether you would like a lighter wood finish,

darker stain or even black frames. The price for these chairs varies from £85 each for

fixed back chairs to £115 each for reclining backs. For more information and to see our

wide range of fabric choices just pop into the shop or email us at

Refurbishing Your Chairs

Do you already have some old deckchairs or director's chairs but would like to give them a new lease of life? We can help! From just replacing the fabric to doing a full restoration including sanding and staining the wood, we can do as little or as much as you wish! Prices vary depending on the work that needs to be done but new covers start from as little as £50 per chair! Contact us for more information and a quote, it is best if you send us a photo to but feel free to come into the shop to discuss if more convenient for you.

Do you live outside of Rye? No worries, we can still help as you can post us your existing covers (to help us ensure your new covers are the correct size) and we will send back new covers ready for you to put on yourself. Message us for more information!

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